Welcome to ‘A Desk is a Dangerous Place’

“A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.”
— John le Carré

This quote is my reminder that staying behind a desk continuously doesn’t give a complete picture of a business. Reports may show a location hitting all their metrics but it may be the expense of long-term customer relationships.

Make no mistake, I firmly believe in measuring and acting on key metrics that are important  to meeting business objectives.

But that’s not all. Visit stores, walk down the hall, pick up the phone – and listen to your associates AND customers.

This blog will be thoughts and observations about customer relationships,  loyalty, business issues, and a reminder to take time to move away from the desk.

Why start ‘A Dangerous Place’ now?  I just finished up a very successful 10 month stint working for the DOJ Centennial Wireless / AT&T Divest Trust. Our team was responsible for managing several Centennial / AT&T southeastern properties until buyers were found and the transactions closed.

Now that the properties have sold, it is my time to move away from the desk for a bit. My wife and I (and cat) are on a road trip in our 21 foot Roadtrek 210 Popular motorhome. Part vacation, part recharging, but most importantly,  listening.  To people we meet during the trip and to that quiet voice that points out the way when you least expect it. This will not be a travelogue, but the trip serves as an inspiration.

Thanks for listening.  And remember, take time to move away from the desk.

– Don Kincaid


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5 Responses to Welcome to ‘A Desk is a Dangerous Place’

  1. donkincaid says:

    An excellent post and linked article highlighting the value of listening and getting out from behind the desk in the medical IT world. http://elliotross.wordpress.com/2010/10/07/are-you-asking-questions/

  2. Deb Burke says:

    Great idea, Don. I accept the challenge to walk-about and know that it will make a difference. Listening in on a coworker’s Lessons Learned call yesterday I was struck by how many times the theme came up that a project is better managed when the PM understands the client’s business. Hard to do that by reading a report. Very timely blog. I look forward to reading more as you motor along.

  3. Kevin says:

    Don, how wonderful that you and Paulette are getting to explore the country!
    Looking forward to reading of your travels!

  4. Bob G. says:

    The title of your blog in many ways reminds me of an updated version of “the cave”…
    And it’s very apropos.
    Much success with this endeavor.

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