Do You Fluff The Rocks?

Henderson Beach State Park in Destin, FL makes a great first impression. Camp sites in great condition, spotless bathhouses  AND they had silk flowers on the counter. All the staff were helpful and friendly. I even watched them rake the gravel before new guests arrived at a site.

When I complimented the ranger,  he said they ‘fluff the rocks’ for every stay. He understood camping revenue was key to the park’s success. Now there’s a state employee that knows how to compete. We haven’t stayed at a private campground on this trip that comes close to that standard.

We start to overlook things the more familiar we are with an area. To help keep things fresh, try the ‘first day outfit’ idea. I was taught that on our first day we are very aware of our surroundings.

On a regular basis, put that first day outfit on and make a commitment to see everything with that first day vision. It just may help your business make a better first impression.

How do you keep things fresh?

– Don Kincaid


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