Why Build the Smart into the TV? Beats Me.

The Consumer Electronics Show opens this week and everybody will be falling over themselves showing their version of smart TV. As a consumer, why would I want to buy a major consumer item with built-in obsolescence? I don’t.

Build it into a component – Blu-ray player, game console, or set-top. It’s easier to sell me a Blu-ray player with internet access for a couple hundred bucks than risk my $1-3K flat screen investment disappearing because of a 1st gen ‘Smart’ implementation.

Just ask the manufacturers that were banking on Google TV for the holidays. Then Google asked them to delay announcements because of poor software reviews.

Two good articles concerning what I call the current “State of the Mess”:

Fortune Tech

and WSJ.com.

That’s just my opinion. I could be right. (Apologies to Dennis Miller)

What’s yours?

– Don Kincaid

[Edited 1/4/2011 to add Fortune Tech article]


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