Concrete, Facebook, Lemonade

I clicked on an ad displayed on my Facebook page.

Now I bet you’re thinking … one of those smarmy ones and things started going downhill fast. Nope.

It was a local contractor Nick Dancer Concrete promoting stained concrete countertops. I’ve seen some beautiful stained concrete and was intrigued,  so I clicked … but I hit a 404 fail page. I dropped a quick email to Nick and went on my merry way.

I received a nice response from Nick thanking me. I made a note to write a blog post about the power of a Thank You.  First thing this morning, I get a small Amazon eGiftCard from Nick saying thanks for catching the problem and allowing him to correct the link.


I don’t know Nick’s work – yet. But he understands the key to Social Media Marketing. Build two-way relationships with your prospects. Traditional media is one way telling. Social Media is all about having conversations. Both have their place in your marketing plan.

When things went wrong,  he corrected the problem and started a conversation with me. It’s the old but valid – When you’re given lemons, make lemonade.

Good luck with the business Nick!

– Don Kincaid


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