Are There Any New Musical Notes?

photo by bwhistler on flickr under creative commons license.

Web 2.0, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, foursquare, blogs, and many more options.

Q: How many new “musical notes” are there in this new digital collaborative world?

A: None. Notes are the tried and true ways of how to:

  1. Talk with your friends about their interests.
  2. Meet new people by asking friends for introductions.
  3. Listen more, learn more.
  4. Help people.
  5. Tell the truth.
  6. Don’t do things that you don’t want the world to know.

The notes are the basic building blocks of friendship and business we already know.

What’s new are the instruments of this music. They allow you to play the music ‘louder’ to reach a huge audience faster.

Intimidating? It can be.

Start simple. Choose an instrument, then listen. Find people that share your interest. Join the conversation.

Another key to learning this new world – Step away from the desk and find like-minded people in your community. Yep, face to face. It’s amazing how much I learned about social media when I started discussing this world in person.

One place to start is a social media breakfast. Held in over 40 cities throughout the US, these monthly gatherings are designed to teach, share, and learn social media best practices for business. My local Fort Wayne breakfast group has been a great help to me. It’s not the only way. Ask your friends, you find plenty of recommendations.

Remember, you know the notes. Now it’s time to find an instrument and start playing your music.

How have you played your musical notes in the digital world?

– Don Kincaid


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2 Responses to Are There Any New Musical Notes?

  1. Randy Clark says:

    I could not agree more. I believe an oft missing aspect of these “instruments” is IMO, the social networks are places to obtain introductions, leads if you will, to meet others common interests, similar, outlooks, or shared opportunities. At least for me social media is not the end it is the beginning.

  2. Great post Don. I couldn’t agree more and our new found friendship is a result of this process. Yes, friendship. Something that moves us past a simple avatar, an online persona, an acquaintance whom you can name in a moment, but rather the people you gravitate too and enjoy spending time with. Social media enhances opportunities to create this, it does not replace it.

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