Another Reason A Desk IS a Dangerous Place

Don Kincaid Leaving the Plane!

In my first post, I was reminded that we should step away from the desk. My advice:

Visit stores, walk down the hall, pick up the phone – and listen to your associates AND customers.

The reason – It’s too easy to get fixated on the monitor and not see the real business.

Peter Shankman takes it to the next level with five great ways to step away from the desk and kick-start our brains in “How to Regain Your Lost Creativity.” Take time to read it and then immediately pick one idea to do the very next time you get brain freeze.

Like skydiving ….

Yes, that’s me with arms crossed thinking,”What the heck am I doing?” I admit. It was great! Now every time I think of saying “I’ll try to..,” I stop the thought with, “I didn’t try to jump, I did it.” Now it’s a trigger to remember to stretch that brain muscle.

Thanks for the reminder Peter.

Now, how do you find your creativity when you’re stuck?

– Don Kincaid


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3 Responses to Another Reason A Desk IS a Dangerous Place

  1. Randy Clark says:

    I’m fortunate to have a wooded area with paths and pond next door to the office. I’ll often take a walk and re-boot. 😉
    Other kick-starts for me include:
    · Mining stories by interviewing co-workers from sales, production etc.
    · Interviewing customers
    · Following competitors
    · Studying industry trends and news
    · Reading blogs such as this

  2. BgKahuna says:

    Same here. A quick walk around the back lot always helps.

  3. donkincaid says:

    Thanks Randy & BK. Walking has always helped me. I do circles around the parking lot. I’m sure it’s a sight most don’t want to see, but getting more oxygen to the brain sure gets things going.

    Thinking about doing another jump later this spring. Maybe a tweetup!?

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