Leadership: Creating Moments Everywhere

Leaders look for moments to connect at every opportunity. Fort Wayne Indian Village Elementary Principal Stephany Bourne is a great example. This photo was taken at 4:30 after a student recognition ceremony for reading improvement. I was headed home after helping clean up. I walked out the door and saw her reading to the kids and engaging them in a conversation about a poem.

This is after school on a nice spring day.

They were happy…. and learning.

During the semester, I saw students voluntarily go to the principal’s office after lunch to read. That’s a whole different spin to “Going to the principal” than I remember.

She connects with her students. They respond. I believe they feel she supports and trusts them.

Make no mistake, there is discipline. But it’s not, I’ll catch you doing wrong. She will start a session by asking the purpose of the session, what are the acceptable activities, and then the unacceptable activities.  At that point, everybody is on the same page without any surprises.

Thanks Principal Bourne and the kids at Indian Village! I’m glad I went back to school to learn a lesson in leadership.

– Don Kincaid

edited to correct school name

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2 Responses to Leadership: Creating Moments Everywhere

  1. True leadership in action! Makes you want to stop and take a picture;) glad you did and thanks for sharing Don!

    • donkincaid says:

      Joe, You nailed it. I walked out and literally stopped, reached for the phone and snapped the photo. It was just one of many examples of seeing her find moments to connect and inspire during the semester. Thanks for your comment.

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