Subway and Sky Diving = Repeat Business

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Three times recently I’ve visited the Subway Restaurant at 10462 Maysville Road in Fort Wayne, IN. Now I make it a point to stop when I’m in in the area.

Why?  Because on my second visit, the store manager said with a smile,

“Welcome back! You’re the person that sky dived.”

That made my day. Honestly, I didn’t remember the conversation. But she did. And I returned.

I bet she’s a future franchisee owner.

If you’re near Maysville Road in Fort Wayne, IN – stop by.

How does your team engage customers?

– Don Kincaid

Video Transcript

> Don Kincaid: Subway, I just wanted to tell you what a great store you have here.

Great product, clean store, but most importantly, a staff that cares, engages, and makes me smile.

I just wanted to take a second, and say thank you.

Disclosure: I have received a Subway Klout perk in the past. I paid for my food every time I’ve visited this store.


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