Part 2: Squeezing 2 Days Into 1 Hour – The Best of Blog Indiana 2011 @ Social Media Breakfast Fort Wayne

Part Two – The second of a  series of posts detailing my impressions of Blog Indiana 2011.

How to Drink From a Fire Hose

One of the best aspects of BIN2011 was the sharing of resources to help make your social media efforts more effective.

Doug Karr’s presentation “40 Tools 40 Slides 40 Minutes” (now updated: 50 Tools 50 Slides 50 Minutes) is an excellent example. Live, it felt like I was drinking from the fire hose. Great information and categorized well, but the fingers couldn’t type fast enough. Extra bonus: Doug shared the presentation as a reference tool on Take a few minutes and pick a couple tools to explore. You’ll find yourself going back and finding new ways to improve your efforts.

View more presentations from Douglas Karr
Kenan Farrell is another great example of sharing. Kenan is an Intellectual Property attorney that gets the new digital world. Trying to figure out a social media policy for your organization? Need ideas on how to get started? Kenan suggested The site has free access to 175 policies that will get you up to speed.
Database of Social Media Policies
These are just two examples of sharing from Blog Indiana 2011 that made the event valuable to me.  What are your thoughts on how conferences can be more effective?

– Don Kincaid

September’s Social Media Breakfast Fort Wayne centered on diving into the best of Blog Indiana 2011. Amber Recker, Lisa Wylie, Samantha Sawyer  and I were led by Kevin Mullett  to discover the key takeaways.


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