What’s Missing From Kroger’s Marketplace Grand Opening?

What's Missing from this Kroger Entry Form?What’s missing? An Email address box!

Point 1:

Kroger had great crowds during their Grand Opening of Indiana’s 1st Marketplace store. Full parking lots, people visiting from outside the normal shopping area and several contest fishbowls.

Point 2:

Kroger’s active digital presence at kroger.com features the weekly sales circular.

Why wouldn’t you include a space for an email address and then send a thank you email with a link to the weekly specials? Even use it as an opt-in for a weekly email campaign.

Email address collection is a critical tactic in a marketing strategy. Kroger already has good content that can be repurposed for a campaign.

Take time to step away from the desk and see how you can improve your marketing execution with simple changes.

Be curious.

What did you learn from your last shopping trip that you can use in your business?

I look forward to your thoughts.

– Don Kincaid


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2 Responses to What’s Missing From Kroger’s Marketplace Grand Opening?

  1. Connecting the dots… that’s all it takes and so many folks fail to do so.

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