Personal Branding: Building Your Expertise by Building Trust

Trust is powerful force.  Stephen M. R. Covey in “The Speed of Trust” shows how trust greatly accelerates the speed to completion.  When it is high between two people, things get done.

Recently, Peter Dunn ( discussed “What it Means to be an Expert” at an Indy Social Media Lunch.

Starting out in the early 2000s, Pete  was a one of a million financial planners. Then in 2005 he started building a personal brand as Pete the Planner in order to set himself apart as a financial adviser for the “rest of us.”

Now. he’s the author of three books, host of the  The Pete the Planner show on 93 WIBC FM radio. creator of WISH-TV’s 60 Days to Change, regularly appears on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN Headline News and numerous nationally syndicated radio programs. I contend Pete has become one in a million.

After lunch, Pete took time to share with me how trust plays a key role in building your personal brand and spreading your content through media outlets.

Click for video transcript

How has trust helped get things done quicker for you?

I look forward to hearing from you!

– Don Kincaid

Video Transcript

Peter Dunn: A big key of having people see your stuff you worked so hard to develop this content, is to become a trusted source for the producers of the content.

So often you want to go to the on-air talent, the radio talent, but the people you really need to know are the producers of the program. It’s of course good to know the on-air talent, too. But the key is this: you have to produce good, valuable, reliable content that’s not about you and your business, but about serving the consumer, serving the viewer; and certainly serving the audience of the network you’re on. So, being a trusted source, not being “me-centric”, is the way to go.

And hey, you’re not going to get paid for it. But the pay comes from the fact that you’re going to be highlighted on a regular basis delivering your valuable content, something you’re passionate about. So not all rewards, not all compensation is monetary. And just know, if you can use the media appropriately, not use it negatively, it’s really gonna help your career.


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3 Responses to Personal Branding: Building Your Expertise by Building Trust

  1. Great idea Don to do a video interview with the speaker. I might have to steal that idea! I love something he said: “Not all compensation is monetary” – so very true.

  2. donkincaid says:

    Thanks Bobbie!

    I enjoy doing the video interviews. It’s a great way of showing instead of telling and it delivers content to an audience that prefers video or audio. Plus, the transcript and closed captioning covers the readers.

    “Not all compensation is monetary” – Peter is a good example of using content as an investment to build expertise and a community that leads to future business.

  3. Great post Don! I wasn’t able to make it to the event, so it’s nice to have this quick recap.

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