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Eli Lilly: Social Media in a Regulated Industry

Looks like the perfect situation, executive management supports social media. Full steam ahead on building the strategy and policy. Umm just a second, there are a few things to remember: Click for video transcript Welcome to the world of social … Continue reading

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Subway and Sky Diving = Repeat Business

Click for video transcript Three times recently I’ve visited the Subway Restaurant at 10462 Maysville Road in Fort Wayne, IN. Now I make it a point to stop when I’m in in the area. Why?  Because on my second visit, … Continue reading

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The Stadium is Now the Studio and May Soon Be Empty

Professional sports attendance is under pressure. A couple of stats to ponder: 41% of the NFL teams had home attendance under 95% this past season. That compares to 28% of the teams in 2009.  The NBA is even worse: 60% of … Continue reading

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Concrete, Facebook, Lemonade

I clicked on an ad displayed on my Facebook page. Now I bet you’re thinking … one of those smarmy ones and things started going downhill fast. Nope. It was a local contractor Nick Dancer Concrete promoting stained concrete countertops. … Continue reading

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Mall Christmas Shopping – Stepping Away From The Desk

In recent years, I’ve done a majority of my Christmas shopping online. This year was different. I went to the mall two days before Christmas. Was I out of my mind? With my experience in customer satisfaction and the challenges … Continue reading

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Welcome to ‘A Desk is a Dangerous Place’

“A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.” — John le Carré This quote is my reminder that staying behind a desk continuously doesn’t give a complete picture of a business. Reports may show a location … Continue reading

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