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RadioShack’s $21MM Net Loss and a Phone Charger

How does my recent need for a phone charger relate to RadioShack’s $21 million dollar 2nd quarterly net loss? Plenty. On a recent visit to NYC, I needed two micro usb chargers for phones. “No problem, there’s RadioShack a few … Continue reading

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Learning From Others: Five Useful Project Management Tools


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What I Learned From Movie Date Night

Movie date night is an early Tuesday evening (cheap ticket and Coke zero prices) escape with Paulette. Sit back, relax and be entertained by a movie. This 47 second clip from “We Bought a Zoo” was a highlight for me … Continue reading

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30 Relationships: Social Media to Face to Face – Simple, Yet Powerful

Over the Christmas holiday, I highlighted  30 of my many twitter relationships that moved to face-to-face relationships in 2011. This is power of social media. Finding common ground through online conversations which lead to people helping people. Ultimately these relationships  define … Continue reading

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Why Crisis Communication Needs to Include Social Media, Now

DC EARTHQUAKE UPDATE  8/24/2011: So, how effective was Washington, DC’s social media crisis communication during yesterday’s earthquake? Chris Battle, a former U.S. Department of Homeland Security Public Affairs Director, basically scores the event Crowdsourcing 100, Government 0. In his post “After … Continue reading

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Character: Do You Trust Your Recruits to Baby-Sit Your Children?

Wisconsin football coach Bret Bielema has done a great job building the program to a five year 49-16 record. He recently commented on recruiting and character (starts at 14:06). The key takeaway: “If you are not willing to let a recruit come in and … Continue reading

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Leadership: Creating Moments Everywhere

Leaders look for moments to connect at every opportunity. Fort Wayne Indian Village Elementary Principal Stephany Bourne is a great example. This photo was taken at 4:30 after a student recognition ceremony for reading improvement. I was headed home after helping … Continue reading

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The Stadium is Now the Studio and May Soon Be Empty

Professional sports attendance is under pressure. A couple of stats to ponder: 41% of the NFL teams had home attendance under 95% this past season. That compares to 28% of the teams in 2009.  The NBA is even worse: 60% of … Continue reading

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Concrete, Facebook, Lemonade

I clicked on an ad displayed on my Facebook page. Now I bet you’re thinking … one of those smarmy ones and things started going downhill fast. Nope. It was a local contractor Nick Dancer Concrete promoting stained concrete countertops. … Continue reading

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Why Build the Smart into the TV? Beats Me.

The Consumer Electronics Show opens this week and everybody will be falling over themselves showing their version of smart TV. As a consumer, why would I want to buy a major consumer item with built-in obsolescence? I don’t. Build it … Continue reading

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