Character: Do You Trust Your Recruits to Baby-Sit Your Children?

Wisconsin football coach Bret Bielema has done a great job building the program to a five year 49-16 record. He recently commented on recruiting and character (starts at 14:06).

The key takeaway:

“If you are not willing to let a recruit come in and baby-sit your children when you’re not in the house, don’t recruit them.”

Simple and to the point.

Even as an IU alum, I am impressed by his attitude and his way to success.

What do you tell your team about recruiting new hires? I look forward to your thoughts!

– Don Kincaid

More on character from my post on Character and Twitter.


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4 Responses to Character: Do You Trust Your Recruits to Baby-Sit Your Children?

  1. Don, This is off the charts cool. Thanks for sharing it. I just retweeted it too.

  2. donkincaid says:

    Rick, Thanks for the comment and the retweet. My ears shot up when I first heard Bret’s comments. He sure set the standard and made himself accountable.

  3. Well it is short to the point and powerful. Guess there would be a lot of guys not playing 😉

  4. donkincaid says:


    You’re right. The recruiting universe gets smaller using this criteria.

    It’s a issue we all face in our businesses – Where does character fit in our hiring process? I look for great talent and character. The combination can be tougher to find, but it’s not mutually exclusive. It isn’t a HR issue, it’s a brand issue. The brand is formed by the sum of all the interactions someone has with company. A key question for me is, How will a potential hire’s character impact the brand?

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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